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Mr. King Club is located in the famous cultural city known as an “Oriental Detroit” C Changchun. The original detached two-story building was designed by a famous Japanese architect. Newera Design Team was invited to refurnish and design its interior space. Therefore, from start to finish, our designers tried to answer two questions: first, how to handle the relationship between the interior space and the construction sites; second, how to build a new landmark club for the city.




For this, Newera Design Team hoped to use the physical space as the carrier, “nobility, elegance, fashion, art, culture” as the orientations, use the ideological content in difference spaces and functions to create a modern and elegant private club exclusive to high-end guests for business and leisure, achieve a seamless fusion of the interior space, the building and the landscape. 



“Luxury Inside, Low-Key Outside” is the spatial intention and expression that our designers pursue. Therefore, in terms of design method, they gave full consideration to the building’s size, used fashion to express neoclassicism, forming a sharp contrast with the modern Japanese garden. The long corridor, surrounded by transparent floor-to-ceiling glass, is an aesthetic extension of nature outside the building.



The spacious and tall central reception hall is connected to surrounding reception areas with distinct gradations through huge ironworks. The collision between metal and stone and the ornament of red fabrics all reveal the modern and luxury essence of Mr. King. The interwoven dynamic lines create a visual impression of a layered and crossed space, perfectly blended into the huge grey background.




In every design step, the focus and insistence on details followed the principle of “originality”. Sticking to the idea that “the brush and ink are useless”, the modern trendy soft furnishings all reflect the texture of the space.



The crystals in the shape of water drops and the chandeliers in the structure of tree branches imply the ecology, contrary to but integrated with the space’s overall conception.  




The contemporary artworks and paintings in the 17 villa-style boxes speak the idea of the space, emphasize the ubiquitous romance and the calm humanistic connotation. The noble Athenian Portopo marble, elegant platinum marble and warm leather all give full play to their features, making the space have not only elegant and dignified qualities, but also warmth, transparency and the sense of fashion. Here, guests can get away from their busy lives, taste the true meaning of life in a glass of wine. 






Life is not for chasing trends, but for innovation. The Mr. King Club created by Newera Design, as a real private club for high-end guests, uses its unparalleled contemporary decoration philosophy and high-end positioning to emphasize a kind of ideal and enjoyable mental state. It has redefined the blueprint for an upper-class life in Changchun, led people back to their inner home from the wealthy class’ coolness, elegance, confidence, and openness. 



Project Name:Mr. King Club


Design Company: Shenzhen Newera Design Consultant Co., Ltd.


Interior Designer: Yellow Chan


Design Team: Newera Design


Project Investment: 80 million Yuan


Project Area: 3,000O


Completion Time: Oct. 2017


Project Address: Changchun, Jilin


Main Materials: Tefili grey marble, Athenian Portopo marble, platinum marble, ironworks, copper bars, champagne golden foil, wall cloth, leather, wood veneer, brushed copper titanium, imitations of antique mirrors

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